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Gain basic advice for the Shishu Vikas Yojna and its benefits

It is said that financial protection is most important in the family so that you can do something important in life for you and for your children as well. Shishu Vikas Yojna is one of the best assistance for your child that typically reduces the financial burden on poor and vulnerable groups arising out of catastrophe hospital episodes. Further, it makes you sure with their access to quality health services that are conceived.

What we do?

This is unquestionable that Shishu Vikash Yojana is CSR (Corporate social responsibility) sponsored scheme launched in 2019. It is committed to providing you financial protection in health, life, and education to approximately 20.76 million poor and deprived rural children.

Shishu Vikas Yojna will help you to provide ample benefits such as:

  •   Get RS 2.50,000 per child per year for Health.
  •   Get RS 500,000 per child one time for higher education.
  •   Get RS 250,000 per child for life insurance.

We are providing special scholarship for only girls as follows:

  •   On Admission on class 6 get 3000 INR.
  •   On Admission on class 8 get 5000 INR.
  •   On Admission on class 10 get 7000 INR.
  •   On Admission on class 12 get 8000 INR.

We also provide 2 lakh at the age of 21 Years for self-Employment. We also understand that education for girls must be made compulsory so that women can become literate to make a life for themselves. Women must be given equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of gender. It is a deal from the Shishu Vikas Yojna that educated girls do not have to depend on anyone. So if they are indeed capable of earning their own livelihood and raising their family. Girls’ education is the way to achieve real development in the developing world as it is proven by the developed world.

Get Health insurance:

  •   2.5 Lakh.
  •   Covering 1665 type of disease.
  •   The process to avail the facility starts from 1 April to 31 March.
  •   Active insurance using App or website or you can dial the toll-free number.
  •   Get the package amount directly in a parent or student account easily.
  •   Get the classless facility available at the hospital to gain more benefits.

Higher Education Insurance:

  •   Get 5 Lakh college fee.
  •   60 thousand for accommodation only for girls.
  •   The process to avail of higher education benefits.
  •   Get a bonafide certificate from college and use its app and website.
  •   The team will provide you help for the rest of the task easily.

P.A.I. Insurance:

  •   INR 1 Lakh P.A.I fur per student.
  •   INR 1.5 Lakh P.A.I fur student Guardian.
  •   Need to upload documents by App.
  •   Transferring amount into parent account within 14 days.

Get the MSME registration with us and make you banking service in an efficient manner without experiencing trouble.

Insurance Provider:

Get United India Insurance Company Limited.

Contact us for the help anytime:

If you are really looking for admission for your children and want to earn some major benefits, you need to be aware of this Shishu Vikas Yojna scheme. In recent time, it is being shared widely on social media with the claim that the scheme provides a lot of monetary benefits to children (of age 5-16 years) studying in the government schools. So make your own self-respect by contacting us anytime and make your son or daughter literate and eligible in every aspect in every filed throughout life.

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