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Obtain complete information about Kisan Dhan Yojana and its incredible benefits

India is a growing country and it believes to grow with everyone including farmers/poor people. It has always been observed that the farmers always remain poor and they live a poverty life because of something natural and scientific disaster. Due to unexpected disasters most of the farmers unable to save their agricultural life as a result they need some specific help and contribution to start their agriculture life. In India, there is more than 70% of citizens indulge in agricultural activities and they generally give a high contribution to the Indian Government in growing at least 20% of the country’s GDP every year. They are an outstanding person in providing permanent employment of more than 50% of the Indian workforce from the agricultural industry.

Why Kisan Dhan Yojna scheme has started?

In recent times, most of the farmers have to face a pandemic disease that is being spread across the worlds and no one is safe from it. Most of the countries and states are sealed due to which farmers are experiencing trouble in delivering Food Goods. When a farmer harvests, he keeps his crop safe and secure and also goes to different cities to sell. But now this is not the case as there is a lockdown on every side. He cannot sell his grain at reasonable prices as a result, there are the maximum chances his crops go lost day by day. Thus, this is an actual story of the farmer and likewise, he faces a number of real problems in his real-life due to which it takes too much time to grow economically. And to tell the truth, these are the reasons most of the farmers do commit suicide every year due to their financial condition when they unable to repay the loan taken from the landlords and private banks. Our government provides great assistance to improve the financial condition of farmers but it always gets fail because of some unexpected natural calamities.

We provide our best services?

Therefore to provide logical assistance to the farmer related to finance we are here with the Kisan Dhan Yojana. It is the best scheme for the farmers and started to improve the economic condition of them instantly. To take advantage of this scheme, the age of the farmer should be between 18 and 40 years and under this scheme, the government contributes as many rupees as a farmer contributes.

Our team is always active to provide a long term financial backing and encouraging every citizen to actively contribute towards building a great nation with more accountable and reasonable India.

What is KIsan Dhan Yojna actually?

Kisan Dhan Yojna is a project of CSR (Corporate Social, responsibility) which is being undertaken by A3N along with the multiple NGOs in India. It is quite a successful supporting project with the United India Insurance Company and Indian Farmers Fertiliser Corporative Limited offering a great deal of Kisan Dhan Yojna is launched to help farmers and transforming the agricultural sector in many ways.

What are the benefits of Kisan Dhan Aarogyam Yojna?

  •   Offering INR 3 to 4 lakh personal accidental insurance.
  •   Get INR 25,000 yearly for health insurance.
  •   Avail at least 3 times of corps insurance.
  •   Bestowing loan facility at a 0% interest rate.

Get special benefit with us:

  •   Get 24,000 in 2 years for poor & landless farmers who are farming on land which is on rent or lease.
  •   For those farmers whose filed size is less than 4.2 acre or 2 hectares.
  •   This company will even provide organic fertilizers with the lowest amount.


The validity of its Yojana is 3 years after the enrolment date starts. So this thing is important to notice while filling in the form.

What are the documents required for enrolment:

  •   Kisan Adhar Card.
  •   Kisan PAN Card.
  •   Field number of Kisan.
  •   Land documents.
  •   Photograph or Kisan.

Contact us anytime:

So if you are a farmer and facing any kind of trouble in your life, you should feel proud to take such beautiful benefits of this KisanDhan Yojna with us. Therefore for more help and information, you can feel free to contact us at any time.

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